Travel & Hospitality

Extensity is a company of the future

The travel & hospitality industry is a competitive one, with hotels and agents trying to leverage their unique selling points to attract more customers and retain them. IoT is increasingly becoming an important part of this equation. If you can provide a customer with customized services, as per their liking, there is a high chance of retaining them for life. Extensity helps you in exactly that. We help you create an environment within your hospitality facility where you are able to cut cost through optimizing resources and automating operations. You can set personal setting for guests as per their liking in an integrated hotel environment where you have the control of everything, at your fingertips!

Use Cases!

  • Smart Environment Control
  • Automation
  • Asset management
  • Resources optimization and predictive maintenance
  • Personalization
  • Smart rooms
  • Media & Entertainment
  • In-hotel food order, cleaning and other services
  • Device management