Healthcare & Life Sciences

Extensity is a company of the future

The healthcare industry relies on the critical assets i.e. Timely Information and Rapid Response. In absence of any, a life may be lost. To facilitate this critical need, IoT solutions are a blessing. Healthcare industry is quickly adapting to IoT as they realize its effectiveness in improving services quality and delivery. It greatly assists patients with special care needs like the elderly, the challenged ones, those requiring constant supervision and monitoring due to injury or any chronic disease. The healthcare spending is multiplying by day as solutions are becoming cheaper, faster and scalable.

Extensity is a leading IoT company working in this domain and bridging the technology gap within the healthcare sector.

Use Cases!

  • Manage medical devices
  • Smart Hospital Environment
  • Automation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Analytics and Data Management
  • Fast Medical Devices Prototyping